Typical Steps Involved in Construction

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Construction is a tedious process. Regardless if it involves building a house or building a commercial building, it requires a lot of work. Depending on the project, the amount of time needed for the construction to finish differs from one case to the next. If you ever want to build a house or any property for that matter, a contractor will have to let you know about the expected timeline.

Pre-construction Phase

The first step is to take care of the pre-construction phase. In this part of the construction process, you will need to finalize the plans and the permits before you get started. This might take a while. The first step is crucial since you also want to find the right architect and engineer during this phase. You want someone who can do the blueprint for you.

Once you have the budget and the contractor for the job, that’s the only time when you can get started with the actual construction process.


The next step typically takes a month. This step involves clearing of debris and trees on the property. Apart from leveling the ground, this phase will also involve the contractors working on your property’s foundation. The higher the property, the deeper the foundation will go.

Framing and roofing

The next step is framing and roofing. These are two things that will require the contractors to move fast considering the changes in weather. The roof plays an important role in keeping everything dry.

Electrical and Plumbing

Once you already have the foundation and you have the bare construction of the house, the next step is to do plumbing and the electrical work. The plumbing will make sure that it is easy for the property to get updates as well in case you want to add bathrooms in parts of the house. As for the electrical, this plays an important role because you shouldn’t just be concerned about safety, it is also important to plan where to place the switches and where to place the plugs in your home, Careful planning of these things can lead to more efficient daily activities. The last thing that you want is to get extension cords in every corner of the house because you don’t have the right number of outlets.

Next, the HVAC should also be carefully planned. Insulation plays an important role because you don’t want to use unnecessary energy to keep your place warm or cool. This is also the part where the ductwork is going to be installed.


The next part of the construction process is putting up the drywall and everything that would make the house look like a house. This could take a month or so as well depending on the size of the house or the property.

Building a house from scratch can be stressful. Apart from trying to find the right contractor for your needs, you will also have to consider the funds and the amount of time needed to get the job done. With this information, you will be able to have an idea when your property is going to get finished.