Few Red Flags You Need to Know When Hiring a Contractor

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Getting a good contractor to build your home or do renovations can be problematic. There are a lot of things that you want to check before hiring them to get the job done. The last thing that you want is to spend more money undoing the damage done by incompetent contractors. However, you have to understand that you don’t just end up with a bad contractor. There will always be red flags. These red flags are things that you will find among fly-by-night contractors and those who can’t do anything well.

Bad Reviews

The first red flag that you should be very conscious of is a bad review. A bad review would mean that their past clients weren’t exactly happy about the end product. Whether it’s substandard work or they perhaps finished the work late, these are some of the most common reasons why a lot of customers are disgruntled.

Could you imagine spending $6,000 on a bathroom renovation only to find out that they can’t finish on time or they can’t finish according to how you have it on your plan? That can be frustrating on the part of any client.

Unresponsive to Inquiries

If a contractor is already hard to reach before you even paid them, could you imagine how long does it take for them to reply once you have paid them? The last thing that you want is to have problems reaching out to a contractor when the problem on their work starts popping out one by one.

A lot of highly reputable contractors are also giving free quotes to their potential clients. They are more than happy to know what your project is all about.

Insisting on Not Working on a Deadline

Another common red flag among not-so-good contractors is not being able to meet the deadline. If you talk to a contractor who wants to ask for an extension in case they aren’t able to meet their part of the deal, then might as well check other companies.

Asserting Unlimited Materials for the Job

Another problematic situation is overshooting on your budget. This happens usually when you have a contractor who asks for unlimited materials for the project. If they can’t do an accurate estimate of the materials needed for the job, then this might as well get someone who is well experienced and well equipped with the knowledge of estimating the amount of materials needed on your project. A lot of good contractors are also transparent about how much materials are needed per phase of the construction process.

Asks a Lot of Money Upfront

And lastly, you don’t want to deal with someone who is only after your money. Don’t go after a contractor that asks for more than half of the total amount needed to finish the job. Typically, you’d want to just provide 20 to 33 percent of the total quote.

Getting a good contractor can be tricky because there are a lot of bad ones out there. And sadly, it gives the industry a bad name. However, with these red flags, you get to understand which contractor is good at what they do.